Mystery Scrap Pack
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Mystery Scrap Pack

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Mystery Scrap Packs contain 10 flannelette wipes (100% cotton), in various prints and sizes. Making these packs allows me to use up the pieces of fabric which aren’t able to be cut into the same shape or size as my traditional packs of wash cloths. This saves wastage and gives you the opportunity to grab a pack of wipes at a bargain price! Photo shows example only.

Multiple uses include;

- Cleaning your babe or child’s face and hands
- Wiping down high chair
- Cleaning up little spills
- Reusable nappy wipes
- Bath flannels
- House cleaning wipes

Due to their reusable nature, every time you choose to use one of my wash cloths instead of a single use baby wipe or paper towel, you’re keeping waste out of landfill.

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