About The Eco Mumma


Over recent years I’ve become more aware of the negative effect we as humans have on our environment, and I became mindful of minimising the waste our home produces.

I've made many changes in my lifestyle and home to reduce the amount of waste I create, and plan to make more changes. Baby steps are how this works. It’s unrealistic to wake up one day and say ‘I’m going to be waste free from today’. Little by little, I’ve replaced products in our home, changed the way I do some things and I’m often thinking ‘how can I be better at this?’

Being a mum of 3 precious children, I want to hand down my values of ‘waste not, want not’, teach them how we can care for our environment, and to value the beauty of nature.

I wanted my business to reflect this, I didn’t want to be adding to the world’s waste problem, and wanted to empower and educate my business community to make small changes in your lifestyles, to reduce your impact too.


So, The Eco Mumma was born.

Some of my products have come with me from my past business journey (Kate's Creations) with a new spin, and other products are completely new. I’ll continue to focus on my handmade, reusable, sewn items, whilst being fortunate to also share with you some environment-focussed, eco mindful products from other Australian small businesses.

The Eco Mumma is a dream come true. It comes after working 10 years of shift work with a stint in management, and navigating and overcoming some significant personal challenges.

I'm so lucky to now being provided with the opportunity to create from home, spend more time with my beautiful family and bring to life a business which hopefully inspires you on your eco mindful journey.

💚 Kate