Burp Cloth Bundle
Burp Cloth Bundle
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Burp Cloth Bundle

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This bundle contains 3 burp cloths. Save 10% by purchasing this bundle compared to buying burp cloths individually.

Nobody likes baby spew on their shoulder!

My burp cloths are a generous size with a concave on the middle of one side. This ensures the burp cloth sits comfortably over your shoulder and contours around your neck and back when burping babe over your shoulder.

These burp cloths are also fabulous for folding in your bra and soaking up any milk leakage while breastfeeding. They can double as a small change mat and when you’re finished using them for your babe, turn them into a cleaning cloth for around the house!

Each burp cloth is made with a cotton front fabric and cotton towelling backing, making them super absorbent just like my bibs!

Approx 47cm x 26cm at widest point.