Suns All-Rounder Heat Pack
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Suns All-Rounder Heat Pack

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Brilliant for providing you with the comfort of warmth with a little weight. Suitable for use on aches and pains almost anywhere on your body!

Filled with lupins which sweat less, hold heat longer, weigh less, when compared with wheat as a filler.

Odourless. Use the pack as it is or add a couple drops of your favourite essential oil if you wish. 

Weighs approximately 1kg

Approximately 16cm x 37cm

Handmade with cotton fabrics

Removable, machine washable cover

To heat, place in microwave for 2 minutes to begin with, and if required increase the time by 15 seconds at a time until comfortably warm.


Pattern placement may vary.

While every effort has been made to portray the true fabric colours, photographs and different screens may show slightly different colours.